HIV Anxiety

Posted on December 4, 2014 by drtan

Mr. L was a very successful man. He held a high position in a famous luxury brand company. He was always jet setting around the world for work and generally living a life many people will be envious of.


On one of his trips, Mr. L was feeling really achy and tired. He decided what he really needed was a good massage. He went to a nice looking massage centre and paid for his treatment. Midway through the massage, the male masseuse started to offer sexual services to Mr. L. Although initially reluctant, Mr. L finally agreed after much persuasion. He allowed the masseuse to perform oral sex on him. The masseuse then tried to penetrate his anus. It was during this that Mr. L decided he had enough and ended the session.


When Mr. L got back to his hotel, he started to worry about the risk of getting HIV. He tried to push this worry aside and went to bed. The next day, he woke up with a very dry throat. Panic started to seize him. He grabbed his laptop and started searching for HIV symptoms on the Internet. The more he read, the more he was convinced he had HIV. Every website was telling him sore throat was a symptom of HIV!


He tried to clear his head by having a really hot shower. During the shower, he noticed 2 red spots on his penis. He nearly passed out from fear. Another symptom of HIV? Or another STD?


The next 2 weeks brought on one symptom after another. Neck ache, body ache, more red spots, stomach pain, diarrhea, lumps on the neck he was convinced were lymph nodes and the list just goes on and on.


He couldn’t work, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep. Every minute was spent on the Internet searching for articles and pictures of HIV symptoms. Every thing he read, everything he saw, he was convinced applied to him.


He finally picked up the courage and saw a doctor for a HIV test. It was negative. He refused to believe the test results. It was obviously wrong. How can he have all these symptoms and not have HIV? He did 6 more HIV tests over the next 2 weeks and all were negative.


Unsatisfied, he went for a full body screening. Everything was normal except his Total White Cells count was marginally low. Ahah! He told himself this is solid proof that he was indeed HIV +ve and all the doctors were wrong! He started to live his life like he was HIV +ve. He avoided friends and family. He avoided work completely.


Finally one day, his sister was so worried she decided to call in on him. She found him passed out on He was rushed to hospital and luckily was revived.


When he woke up he confessed to his sister about his suicide attempt and the fact that he could not face them knowing he had HIV. Despite numerous attempts by his family and doctors to convince him that he did not have HIV, he was unmoved.


His sister brought him to see me and despite all my reassurance, despite all the tests we did for him that showed he was HIV –ve, Mr. L was still not convinced he is HIV -ve. He refused to see a psychiatrist because he believed that he was HIV+ve and everyone else was wrong.


Till today, Mr. L is convinced he is HIV +ve. The last I spoke to his sister, he was found sitting outside his front door refusing to go back into the house because he did not want to spread his HIV to the people living with him.


Learning point:


HIV Anxiety can destroy your life more than HIV can.


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